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Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense: Collaboration on Complex Matters

Attorney at Law
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Andrew often works alongside experienced and well-respected local practicioners and he has the unique capability of handling interdisciplinary matters either by himself or with other attorneys.  Such issues include personal injury and other civil matters, bankruptcy, criminal defense issues, complex financial or jurisdictional issues, employment cases, disability cases, and any matter that involves extensive documentation or the use of advanced technology.

Estate Planning and Trust Administration: Affordable and Efficient

Family Law: Dynamic Legal Representation

Andrew provides his client with low-cost estate planning solutions, including wills, trusts, advanced healthcare directive, durable power of attorney, etc.  And he is capable of ensuring his clients' more complicated asset management needs are attended to when the circumstances call for it.

Andrew takes the same efficient approach to his trust administration matters.

Andrew provides his clients with personally tailored legal services with results as the goal and efficiency in mind. 

Andrew is capable of handling any family law matter and other related legal issues including divorce, legal separation, domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment restraining orders, paternity actions, guardianships, adoptions, establishing and modifying child support and spousal support, characterization and division of property, complex asset and debt valuation and determinations, and much, much more.